New site coming soon

Hi folks, and apologies for the rather empty site.

I recently discovered the Photographers for Charity site had been hacked, and may have been used to distribute harmful code to visitors.

As I’d been planning to update, and re-design, the site anyway (A new direction, new focus, too… Watch this space!), I felt it best/safest to completely erase the old site, and remove any chance of on-going threat.

Really sorry about all this. I’ll work to get the site running again as fast as I can!

James Hancox
Founder, Photographers for Charity

2 thoughts on “New site coming soon

  1. Trevor Lowe says:

    Hi James, I recently saw an item on NZ TV about the photographic work I believe you do. Well done. I’m also an amateur photographer and have for some time been thinking about how I might be able to give back. You example has inspired me. If there is some way that you think I might be able to help with the work you do, I’d be pleased to get involved.

    • JamesHancox says:

      Hi Trevor :) Great to hear! The new site will be geared around sharing the stories each of us captures. So the easiest/best thing you could do to help is to get out there and shoot for a charitable org you’re passionate about… Then make sure you send me some photos, or a link to them online, so I can help share them even more. If you need a little assistance in getting out there, feel free to email me :)

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